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I Got Red Roses Today- Winner of Silence Hides Violence Competition

Assalamu Alaikum All!

You might remember that a month back there was a post here on our humble board about a British Muslim organization called Nour DV.  This amazing organization is dedicated to engaging the public, and especially the minority Muslim communities, to become aware and take action against this silent yet prevalent social injustice – domestic violence.  They recently held a competition called "Silence Hides Violence", where viewers, age 16 and older, could submit poetry, art, portraits, videos, or short stories about domestic violence.  The competition really allowed viewers to do their part in spreading awareness while showcasing their individual passions and talents.  The judging was tough for Nour representatives but they were able to whittle entries down to a Top 5 category, and then from there, runners up were chosen and then finally, a winner. Below, I have shared the Top 5 entries and winners.  Please enjoy their poetry and writings respectfully and make sure to visit Nour Domestic Violence.

Nour DV  bismillah

Winner of the competition!

Nour DV

I Got Red Roses Today
I got red roses today
It wasn’t our anniversary
Brick-hard fists pounded me
Blood splattered, yet thirstily he hounded me
Face swelled, teeth cracked
Mercy and leniency he lacked
Smiles crossed his face
That grace couldn’t replace
But I know he’s sorry because he sent me red roses today
I got red roses today
It wasn’t my birthday
He flung me effortlessly across the room
And I thought, this is the end, this is my doom
My feathery body that once swayed thumped hard against the door
I heard it splinter into a million pieces on the floor
Screaming with soreness, battered with scars
I woke up coughing, as he watched from afar
But I know he’s sorry because he sent me red roses today
I got red roses today
It wasn’t Valentine’s Day
He soaked my face with inconceivable words to provoke me
Pinned me to the wall, his hands quivering to choke me
When my lungs couldn’t inflate
I thought, finally checkmate
But he re-started his violent game
And my screams silent like he tamed
But I know he’s sorry because he sent me red roses today
I got red roses today
Today, is my funeral
As I lie in the dark, where he can’t touch my lifeless body
The affliction, the violence, I am able to disembody
If only I had injected myself with potency
Overdosed and fought his brutal spree
I would have returned the roses he sent
As he has always been the raging red, the fiery red that caused torment
It is now, that I realize he isn’t sorry because he sent the last red roses too late.

Nour DV

The Cage of Life’s Paradise
Our lives now harp the songs of lamentations
from deep within our slumbering souls which are walled up,
But once there was a time,
Yes, there was an Age of carefree wonder and rhyme.
Oh, how we sped across life’s miles,
Alas, too soon we band of sisters became caged and beguiled,
The waves of wind no longer ripples or sings through our hair,
We were bartered, wedded and quickly ensnared.
The morning sun no more drips nectar or honeydew,
Our music once soared with the dawn chorus and to a crescendo grew,
We were the ships of paradise floating upon the golden light,
We sailed through the oceans of the deep blue skylight,
Yet here we are now…
We birds of paradise confined to these narrow dreadful hell’s cells,
O, you brothers, you who watch and stare and yell,
Your kind dared to ensnare us and everyday in pain we play,
Our glorious pride and colourful lustre plucked away,
Where once we flew freely with our brightly shining feathers
Now we hobble upon the grimy ground like tattered orphaned beggars.
Red, green, white and blue, these are the colours that so impress you,
Our rich and radiant plumage now rusts, please help us with your love and trust!
You stand and mimic and mock,
some of you search for stones and rocks,
Outside these bars of our homes you prance and poke,
What would it feel for you to bear this prison’s infernal yoke?
Outside our weeping cage,
There in God’s pure palace, written on freedom’s page,
We can see a beautiful house upon Paradise’s hilly slope,
How it glows, this home, this bright beacon of hope!
The windows are without bars or glass panes,
In that lovely house slavery is a shame,
The doorway has no lock nor door,
it is a home open to both rich and poor,
Souls breeze in and souls breeze out and move freely about,
They flutter in and flutter out,
They sing here, they sing there, they sing everywhere,
They have the freedom of life in the very air.
Is it true? Was it you? Did you do this in rage?
How could you build our cage?
Look to me and tell me true,
Hey you! Yes, you who kicks and makes us black and blue,
Please look here and not at yonder death’s crow,
Can you for real cage our life’s rainbow?

I Remember
I remember when you brutally hurt me,
I remember how you left me bruised and abused,
I remember how you made me cry floods of tears,
I remember how you cut my heart and let it bleed,
I remember how you neglected me and watched me weep,
I remember the anger and smirk on your face,
I remember your deathly looking eyes,
I remember how you were breaking my heart into pieces,
I remember how you attacked me with so much fury and aggression, (cont.)
Nour DV
My Words
It finally feels like I let go of my breath and I didn’t even realise I was holding.
Getting married is to have finally moved to the next stage of my life, ‘marriage being the beginning’, my blessing my guard, my shield my equal and my protection.
Now that months have gone by I see yet again in my state of ‘sabr’ I again am holding my breath to see, what you will do for me.
But the guilt isn’t mine and I’m not wearing it anymore, that’s your dirty cover use it and abuse it however you wish, your intelligence amazes me, shame about the stupidity that overpowers it.
You stood by and watched as little pieces of me were slowly chipped away.
You also stood by me and took the perfect picture.
You were with me when you stole my sacred gift. Then used it and made me loose every sense of reality.
My helplessness was unappealing to both you and me. I doubt that I will ever be able to make you truly feel what you did to me.
Now that I walk without you when I breathe I do it for me and work twice as hard to make it flow. . I have my reservations where it will take me and will I still remain me. I smile at the challenge because I was truth and you were not, you lied to me with every ounce of your body.
My strength and guidance comes from the fact that I stayed within my faith to be the dutiful wife to you, till this very day I wished only good things for you.
And this right of speech will not be lost from my mouth again. I will not be silenced or ashamed, the biggest blessing that you lost was the right to stand next to me to complete me and be my equal my other half.
My du’aas will be answered whether in this life or the next. In sha Allah.
With your mouth your sweet lies.
With your eyes the lost hope.
With your hands the fake embrace.
And with your intimate heart the sacred cut.
For all the above I pray your forgiven.

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