Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blushing Bride...

The Blushing Bride...For most its just a saying, but for most Muslim Brides, it's a literal thing!  Instead of months and months of dating and giving and giving, hoping that he will propose, hoping that she's got what it takes to win his heart, Muslim Brides try a different approach to that thing called love. For these veiled beauties, you better face the "Rents" and cough up a pretty sweet ring before you get any fluttering of her endless lashes.  They are true Blushing Brides because being with their husband is a new and exciting time, everything they do with their husbands will be special and sending plenty of butterflies for years to come because they save the best for last.  Proposal for her hand in marriage is how you are allowed to date her and win her heart.  Gives a whole new meaning to the term "Because Your Worth It".  If he wants to date her, he better feel pretty sure she's worth it because nothing less will do!  The "old fashion" system of courtship for these pious beauties is definitely worthy of a comeback for U.S. society.  I know I'm hoping for this royal treatment for my daughter, whenever I actually have one! LOL...

As most of you know I am a professional photographer and photograph a lot of Muslim weddings and events here in Dallas.
I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from the formal engagement(Nikkah) of Sarah & Zeshaun.  Does she have amazing skin or what!  May Allah bless them both and give them a long beautiful life together.

Fun fact: Sarah is the daughter of Mariam, a friend of mine and also an American revert to Islam of more than 20 years. Mariam is the proud Mother of 7 beautiful children and #8 is on the way! All of her children attend Private Islamic School, and attend college upon graduation. Her older children are already Hafiz as Quranic education is just as important to both parents as well as social studies.  All 4 of her daughters as well as Mariam wear Hijab beautifully.  Ma'shallah I am so proud to see how close Mariam is to Islam and her family, she makes all American Muslims proud and I hope to one day be as great and patient of a Mother as she has been.  

Congratulations Mariam, what a beautiful pious educated daughter you have raised through the guidance of God, in Islam.  May Sarah be every bit as amazing of a Mother as she was taught to be.


  1. Salam Nicole,

    Great photos and they do potray a blushing bride.. She looks rare and pure! Inspiring words too.. Love your blog!


  2. "save the best for last"

    this is so true =)

  3. Wow! She's gorgeous! Please do post more photos

  4. oh wow MashAllah she looks beautiful will be saving these pics for future reference when the man finally comes along InshAllah LOL! Love ur story Nicole i watched some videos of u on utube God bless u dear wish there were more out there like u :X

  5. Assalam alaikum .... MASHALLAH LOVE IT =)
    Ur an amazing photographer =)

  6. I'm sooo excited to have found your blog. My friends and I discovered your conversion story on youtube last year and fell in love with it. MashAllah, you're blog is AMAZINGGGG. May Allah Bless You!

  7. It's just amazing to see a True American + Muslim.

  8. reading your story made me proud, i wish many would understand how sweet islam is....


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