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Inspirational Brothers Coming to Islam

It's not just the ladies making their mark as reverts to Islam...

I know it's been a while since I have written and I apologize for my neglect.  I won't say much but I can say that no one can accuse me of depriving Talal from having his Mother's full abiding attention!  Well, enough about that, I was scanning Twitter as I do to see what's what and who's who and who's not who anymore and this story caught my eye.  You know I do love stories about reverts to Islam and all of the stories I have shared have always been about the Sisters and I love boasting to others that Sisters maintain the lead when it comes to "choosing the straight path".  It was, I admit, refreshing to read about the inspirational Brothers who have chosen the road less traveled (in America).  I think it's extremely important for there to be more Brothers coming to Islam because they can really take the torch to places that are a little taboo for the Sisters to go to (much to my dismay).  Each of their stories is different and please share these videos with others in hopes that they will feel the urge to take that final step to glory and be the Man they were meant to be...

The videos below and story are shared from: 

Creative Muslims

About the author: Tubah SultanView all posts by 
A self-taught web developer and experienced user of popular web content publishing platforms Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and Joomla!, Tubah started Creative Muslims with the hopes of building a mainstream media network to connect the creative minds in the community and to promote a positive view of Islam.

Ta'leef Collective presents "An Intimate Conversation with MUSTAFA DAVIS (Ta'leef Collective co-founder) and USAMA CANON (Ta'leef Collective Founding Director).
Usama Canon interviews Mustafa Davis about his recent tour to South East Asia and discusses Mustafa's childhood and opens up a very intimate conversation by asking "How did you get to where you are now?" Coming from a broken home, Mustafa candidly discusses his upbringing and how he found many similarities to his own story (amongst converts, reverts and born Muslims) during his travels throughout South East Asia.
visit to find out more about the work of Ta'leef Collective.

2. How the Bible Led Me to Islam: 
The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister – Joshua Evans

3. Becoming a Muslim: My Story by Jon Dean

4. Journey to Islam: Latino Muslims Share Their Story 
by Br. Mujahid Fletcher & Br. Isa Parada

5. Shawn’s Story: Ta’leef Files


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Glad To Be Back!

Assalamu Alaikum!!!!!!!!!

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim

It feels so good to come out of "hiding".  As most of you know I was pregnant for the past 9 months, lol...a normal length of time, and then Alhamdulillah, I gave birth to the most precious gift that God could grant me.  

Talal Hassan Tahat

January 5th, 2012  7 lbs 10 oz.  20.4 inches

AlHamdulillah, he is the sweetest joy and the coolness of our eyes.  Talal is now five weeks old and growing like the weeds in my front yard! I have been so busy of course, attending to his every need and desire and believe me, he has learned how to work over Mommy and Daddy!  He's a cheerful sprout in the mornings, right around 4 am he expects Mommy to play with him!  We are over joyed with this bundle of snuggles and now that I feel more confident in my "Mommy skills"...I am ready to get back to work!
I am super excited to share with you my first event since the changes in my life!  

Remember LoveStruck back in '10? Well this year, join IANT
Youth, Nicole Queen, and Nouman Ali Khan on February 17 
for LoveStruck Part II! 

We'll be talking beyond the guys, the 
girls, and the gaze-dating, newlyweds, and the aftermath! 

See y'all then insha'Allah!

*Please note, this event is targeted for ages 13+

For questions or concerns, please email

You can RSVP via Facebook or the IANT Youth Website!

Special thanks to Ahmed Salim for the amazing flyer!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarak 2011!

Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you),

This time we Pass the Lantern right here to Dallas, Texas  USA!  I am so happy to share with all of you the traditions and spirit of Ramadan and Eid, here in the United States...or at least here in Texas!  Whats even more exciting is that I will also be sharing with you a Ramadan experience from the aspect of non-Muslim Americans, who were thrilled to share their "fasting" stories with us!

This year, Ramadan 2011 had some pretty distinct timing, as it began on August 1, 2011 and ended with Eid on Aug 30th, 2011.  Here in Dallas, the Muslim community follows the Islamic timings according to the Islamic Society of North America.  This is how we get the exact dates and fasting times with which we follow during Ramadan.  Our local mosque, Islamic Association of North Texas, hosts all kinds of amazing events and activities during Ramadan!  They even publish a convenient Ramadan fasting calendar for Muslims to use, so that we can keep up with proper times for suhoor, breaking our fast, and praying Tarweeh prayers each night.  You can check out the Ramadan prayer and activities here.  

IANT helps keep Ramadan quite organized, members can follow that link and find out who will be leading the Tarweeh prayer each night, how long that Brother has been a Hafiz of the Quran, and even find out about additional khutbas, or lectures, that will be scheduled that evening. Twitter and Facebook are also used, to let members know ahead of time which section of the Quran will be recited that night during prayers, so that others can follow along!  Iftars are also hosted every weekend at the mosque and the busy Tarweeh prayers are kept well organized with assistance from security and local police to aid in the over flow of traffic inside and outside the mosque! This is a necessity because in Dallas, hundreds and hundreds of local Muslims gather each and every night to pray.

At our home, we really look forward to Ramadan!  This year, we decorated our home with glittery gold Islamic crescents and bright twinkling Islamic crescent lights! We also have a basket that says "Ramadan Kareem" on it and it's full of candy, which the kids (and everyone else) loves when they come over for iftar.  For me, it's important for Ramadan to really feel like a holiday, since I am a convert to Islam.  I really wanted guests of our home to know as soon as they walked in that we were celebrating a special time of the year.  You can find Ramadan decorations at Noorart and Eidway websites! We found ours while on our recent trip to Amman, Jordan, so that's an option too if your in the neighborhood, LOL.

When it's time for suhoor, we are always excited the first few weeks of Ramadan to wake up and have some breakfast!  Right now at our home, it's just me and Hassan, so we wake up together and make some boiled eggs (his fav), and juice and water and I usually have a big bowl of whole grain cereal with some cut-up fruit. While we are eating, an application on my computer will play the voice of an old Muslim man, walking through an ancient Islamic village, beating his drum and calling out in Arabic for everyone to wake up for suhoor! It's so cute and really makes the early morning breakfast a little more fun.  We then pray Fajr together and usually will sleep a little before time to start the work day!

Each year we enjoy hosting close friends for iftar, and we love visiting each other.  There are so many nights that we will get invited to share an iftar at friends or families homes and we try to invite them back, the same.  In Dallas, we break our fast with plump juicy dates, most are imported from Saudi Arabia (YUM).  Then, we have a small bowl of soup and small salad. Afterward we will stop and all pray Magrib prayer together. Then it's time for the main course, then Tarweeh prayers. 

At my home, if I invite Hassan's Jordanian family for iftar, usually I will make a large roasted rosemary leg of lamb with roasted potatoes and carrots in the broth!  On the side we will have a pasta salad and my hubby will make the best kabseh dish ever. He's the "Rice King", the title is not official though, LOL.  We also serve up some yummy garlic cheese bread and a delish dessert with tea awaits everyone when they return from praying Tarweeh together at the mosque.  For the kids, I make them their own individual personal cheese pita pizza's, it's their favorite and shows them they are special!  Each year, I also prepare a Ramadan craft for the kids to create together. This year they colored Islamic mosaic designs for the kids to take home and decorate with, so beautiful!  You can download your own Muslim coloring pages here.

For the past few years, we have invited a few of Hassan's co-workers, at World Affairs Council, DFW, to fast for one day and then to break their fast with us in our home.  It's always been something important to us, to share Ramadan with non-Muslims, and Hassan's co-workers really enjoy being included.  This year, Hassan's boss, Jim Falk-President of WAC, suggested that the whole office be invited to fast and before you know it, the owner of a local halal restaurant offered to donate the iftar for that evening!  I am so excited to share photographs and a few video clips from that special night with you!

We first prepared a friendly Ramadan email that was sent out to all the staff, highlighting the beauty and tradition of Ramadan and fasting, to give the participants a background.  I even included some helpful "tips", like when you hit that afternoon fasting wall and you MUST have a coffee...just remind yourself of all the children in Somalia who are dying for only a drink of water.  We also made sure to email positive motivation to participants the day of fasting, and tried to give a feeling of pride in having strong self-discipline. 

The day was over and the sun was about to set, probably not quick enough for the brave few who made it through the fasting adventure.  We all met at the beautiful home of Br. Ahmed, who owns an amazing (and favorite) halal Moroccan restaurant called, Kasbah!  In his home he had a beautiful Moroccan inspired room for all of us to gather in, and a local religious leader was present to give a small speech on the beauties of Ramadan.  The staff was surprised to learn all of the details involved in fasting, such as the fact that it is not seen as a burden and is pardoned from those who cannot partake in it. Shortly after it was time to break our fast with ice cold milk and juicy dates, and then on to delicious soup and warm bread!  After the first course we all dined on the best Moroccan feast in Texas!
WAC staff along with Nicole, Natsiria, and Hassan
The staff was in love with dinner that night and compliments were flying left and right! I think they were pretty grateful to eat!  The Moroccan catered meal included tender roasted lamb, fresh hummus, greek salad, roasted egg plant, couscous with grilled veggies and much much more!  After dinner we all enjoyed a buffet of fresh made from scratch cookies and the most amazing hot tea!

Nicole with Jennifer and Natsiria

Hassan, Jim Falk and WAC staff members
When the feasting had slowly come to an end, I was excited to hear from the staff and President of WAC about their fasting experiences.  Sarah Gordon, a veteran team member of WAC along with Jim Falk were gracious enough to share their Ramadan thoughts with me on camera. I hope you enjoy their interview and I apologize for the back ground noise, it was a full house that night!  

If you would like to visit the amazing Moroccan restaurant that provided the feast for our iftar that night please see their information below:

Kasbah Grill

2851 Esters Rd
Irving, TX 75062

If you would like to learn more about the World Affairs Council, DFW, then please visit the link below:

Hassan and I would both like to wish you and your families an amazing Eid Mubarak, 2011.  We have some special news to share with you all! You might have noticed some extra weight on me in the video!  God has blessed us with a baby boy, due this winter, God willing.  We thank God everyday for his blessing and are so excited to become parents soon! Eid Mubarak!!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pass the Lantern to Malaysia!

I asked you to share your favorite Ramadan Memories from around the world and our first story comes from a Brother in Malaysia! This Brother even shared a great video of his family Iftar, you can view it at the bottom of this posting, God willing.  Enjoy reading in his own words about Ramadan with his family in his home country and please make sure to send your story to

17 August 2011

Brief stories of our Ramadan Memories.
Malaysia is a multi-cultural and ethnic society. The majority of it's 28 million population is Muslim. Malaysian Muslims are from Sunni following mazahab Shafei. 1st Ramadan is a public holiday in Malaysia.

The coming of the Ramadan month can be noticeable in Malaysia. Many tents and outlets were set up for business selling assorted cuisines. Hotels too advertised Ramadan Buffets as well. It is a custom in Malaysia that the media will announce the starting day of Ramadan. Once it is make known, on that night most of us will go to the mosque to perform the 1st tarawih prayer. During Ramadan, offices change their operation time clock to end the work day at 4.00 pm instead  of 5.00 pm but they still maintain the 8 hour work schedule.
In the evening of 1st day of fasting, we can see flocks of people shopping, buying their likes on groceries as well as ready made foods and delicacies. The non-Muslims too enjoy the fun as they can have so many choices of different foods during the Ramadan months. Praying facilities are well equipped where you can find mosques as well as praying rooms at  commercial centers such as supermarkets and hotels.

Here, we would like to share with you our life style in Ramadan which it is quite common practice by most Muslims in Malaysia. We live in the city Seremban, about 50 miles south Kuala Lumpur, the capital city Malaysia. Ramadan is special to us and we are very anxious for it's coming. During Ramadan we have special tasks to perform, like practicing to discipline our selves in all aspects in life. Hunger and thirst is one of the test we have to go through. When it comes to food, we find that our desire to spend more is high but we always maintain as minimum as possible meeting our needs and budgets.

We usually cook our own foods and buy some desserts or fruits to add into the variety. The dishes are simple, they are comprised of rice, main dish of meat or fish with gravy, vegetables soup or fried, cut out fruits or fruit juices and sweet delicacies as the starters. Off course we change the menu daily so that we always feel a new beginning and don't feel bored eating the same foods. Some preferred to buy ready made either take home or break fast at outlets, especially those working and have limited time to reach home.

After eating, we rest for awhile and then take our wuduk and perform magrib prayers and doa. We usually perform magrib prayers at home unless there are special occasion where we go to nearby mosque. Next, if we want to perform the tarawih prayers at the mosque, we then dressed ourselves up and leave our home before Isha prayers. At the mosques we perform Isha as well as tarawih together with the jamaah. At the mosque we went, there are about 600 jamaah mixer of men and women. Here, we performed 8 rakaat tarawih and 3 rakaat witir. Some mosques in the country sides performed 20 rakaat tarawih and 1 rakaat witir.

Besides breaking fast at home, we also do 'pot-luck', bringing our foods to my mum's home and we share breaking fast together.  My imediate families also join in making the day more merrier. At the mosques there are also foods people bringing in where we can enjoy the midnight hours with friends while listening to Quran recited by the jamaah. The mosque is never quiet during the Ramadan nights!

At times we perform Isha and tarawih after midnight. Our sahur time is after the prayer. We usually eat light food such as egg omelet with toppings, bread, tea or coffee. Plain water is also added in as we need to prepare for the next day of fasting. Upon hearing azan subuh, we headed for our wuduh and perform subuh prayer plus reciting Quran verses a bit.

Alhamdullillah, for the past half month fasting and prayers we felt ourselves more healthier, energetic, peace of mind and cut loose all the unnecessary weight we had. With the Ramadan coming to the end, we felt that we are in the old track of life but with good values in our soul. Inshaallah Allah forgive us, looking forward for the next Ramadan and aim to do much better from what we have gone through this Ramadan.

Here is a great video of this Malaysian family iftar! Enjoy!


I would personally like to thank this Brother for sharing his Ramadan Memory with all of us and I hope to one day visit this beautiful country!

Would you like to see an article about Ramadan in your country? Then please Pass the Lantern to us by sharing your story! Send your story to

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Share your most memorable Ramadan stories!

Assalamu Alaikum my Sisters and Brothers! Inshallah you are enjoying an amazing Ramadan, 2011!  Ramadan is a special time of the year for all Muslims. A time of fasting, prayer, and oneness with our community.  Across the globe Muslims are fasting for God, refraining from food and water from dawn until sunset, all know the feeling of hunger and thirst.

During Ramadan, Muslims also give in charity to the needy, something very important as a Believer!  So many beautiful stories of togetherness, charity, and submission to God are shared by so many wonderful Sisters and Brothers!

Now is your chance to share your inspiration with others! Share your story of love, charity, and family. You can write about anything that you felt was a special Ramadan memory! Sharing our stories helps inspire others during hard times and helps bring even more togetherness to our faith as a whole. The stories will be posted for Muslims to see on and here on and can be completely anonymous to protect privacy.

Submit your personal inspirational story to:

You can even submit a video! Find us on YouTube@TheNicoleQueen

You will be notified when your story is ready to be shared!  I can’t wait to hear from you and may you and your family have a blessed Ramadan, Inshallah!

*Only respectful (free of profanity, or offensive materials) postings will appear.

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Daughters of Abaraham

Daughters of Abraham, in the DFW area is branching out and looking for new members!

A dear friend of mine, Alia Salem, has been talking about this amazing interfaith group she is a part of, Daughters of Abraham.  She's always talking about their amazing meetings and get-togethers and community service projects, so when she said that they were expanding and looking for new members, I really wanted to learn more about what exactly it is that makes this group so special and unique.

"About 7 or 8 years ago a Christian woman started the organization after her son came home from serving overseas in the military.  She is the wife of a preacher in Arlington and she really felt like we have got to open these chains of dialog.  Her son had really created relationships with Muslims while serving in Iraq and realized it wasn't Muslims who were causing the problems there and it was more politics and government", says Alia about how DOA first began.  She goes on to describe that it was sparked by the woman's son, and she joined along with some other Christian and Jewish ladies to begin this interfaith organization.  Alia was first approached at a Central Market by a sweet little elderly woman. "I was dressed in my full black abaya and hijab when she approached me", Alia says. The woman then asked Alia if she had ever heard of The Daughters of Abraham. Alia was excited and told her she had heard about the group and would be interested in being part of it. "Now all we need to find is a Jewish woman!", the elderly Christian lady replied excitedly.  Shortly after, the DOA Fort Worth group was spawned!

"The point of this, Alia says, is to reach out to people and really show that we are all so similar, we are all just human beings with the same beliefs!  We don't get together and talk about politics or things that would offend someone.  We love getting together and talking about how we interpret each others faith. We have the opportunity to dispel or confirm stereotypes about each others faith."  Alia describes that most of the members have never actually met a Muslim and really enjoy learning about the belief structure of Islam.  

Members of DOA enjoying a discussion
DOA takes part in so many events and are regularly invited to speak for universities and organizations.  "Whenever we are all there speaking together, it really opens my eyes. I feel stronger about my faith during these times of sharing, we realize how common our beliefs really are.  We always do a Q&A after we speak at an event and we all laugh because most of the questions are referred to me, as a Muslim, because of all the current events", Alia says.

Member Keisha discovers something new at DOA meeting

Two DOA members at the DOA garage sale

So how can I become a member of DOA?

There are different DOA groups that you can join, depending on which location your nearest to.  There is a brand new East Dallas group that they are busily gathering new members for.  There are three groups already established. One in Colleyville, the Fort Worth group, and the Arlington group.  The groups get together at preset times and dates and they rotate their meetings between the different places of worship. Sometimes at a church, a temple, or a mosque.

The East Dallas group is being started by Adel Wallace and she is looking forward to finding some great Muslim Sisters who are eager to get involved in this interfaith dialog experience.  The groups are usually intimate in size, some topics gather a large crowd, more than others.  The target size is having 8 Jewish members, 8 Christian, and 8 Muslims.  There is plenty of room for growth though!  There is no cost involved whatsoever. The groups engage in social activism, like helping at a food bank, or gathering school supplies for children.  Often the groups obtain grants for their activist events.  "Our goal is really to show people out there that all these women of faith gather together with common loves of their families and children and hoping the best for society" Alia says.  "The ideal member is a woman who is open to breaking down barriers, keeping our minds open to learning about others and respectful of each others beliefs", she says.

Smiling Daughters of Abraham

No matter what your faith, you can contact Alia Salem below to sign up or learn more about DOA!

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I Got Red Roses Today- Winner of Silence Hides Violence Competition

Assalamu Alaikum All!

You might remember that a month back there was a post here on our humble board about a British Muslim organization called Nour DV.  This amazing organization is dedicated to engaging the public, and especially the minority Muslim communities, to become aware and take action against this silent yet prevalent social injustice – domestic violence.  They recently held a competition called "Silence Hides Violence", where viewers, age 16 and older, could submit poetry, art, portraits, videos, or short stories about domestic violence.  The competition really allowed viewers to do their part in spreading awareness while showcasing their individual passions and talents.  The judging was tough for Nour representatives but they were able to whittle entries down to a Top 5 category, and then from there, runners up were chosen and then finally, a winner. Below, I have shared the Top 5 entries and winners.  Please enjoy their poetry and writings respectfully and make sure to visit Nour Domestic Violence.

Nour DV  bismillah

Winner of the competition!

Nour DV

I Got Red Roses Today
I got red roses today
It wasn’t our anniversary
Brick-hard fists pounded me
Blood splattered, yet thirstily he hounded me
Face swelled, teeth cracked
Mercy and leniency he lacked
Smiles crossed his face
That grace couldn’t replace
But I know he’s sorry because he sent me red roses today
I got red roses today
It wasn’t my birthday
He flung me effortlessly across the room
And I thought, this is the end, this is my doom
My feathery body that once swayed thumped hard against the door
I heard it splinter into a million pieces on the floor
Screaming with soreness, battered with scars
I woke up coughing, as he watched from afar
But I know he’s sorry because he sent me red roses today
I got red roses today
It wasn’t Valentine’s Day
He soaked my face with inconceivable words to provoke me
Pinned me to the wall, his hands quivering to choke me
When my lungs couldn’t inflate
I thought, finally checkmate
But he re-started his violent game
And my screams silent like he tamed
But I know he’s sorry because he sent me red roses today
I got red roses today
Today, is my funeral
As I lie in the dark, where he can’t touch my lifeless body
The affliction, the violence, I am able to disembody
If only I had injected myself with potency
Overdosed and fought his brutal spree
I would have returned the roses he sent
As he has always been the raging red, the fiery red that caused torment
It is now, that I realize he isn’t sorry because he sent the last red roses too late.

Nour DV

The Cage of Life’s Paradise
Our lives now harp the songs of lamentations
from deep within our slumbering souls which are walled up,
But once there was a time,
Yes, there was an Age of carefree wonder and rhyme.
Oh, how we sped across life’s miles,
Alas, too soon we band of sisters became caged and beguiled,
The waves of wind no longer ripples or sings through our hair,
We were bartered, wedded and quickly ensnared.
The morning sun no more drips nectar or honeydew,
Our music once soared with the dawn chorus and to a crescendo grew,
We were the ships of paradise floating upon the golden light,
We sailed through the oceans of the deep blue skylight,
Yet here we are now…
We birds of paradise confined to these narrow dreadful hell’s cells,
O, you brothers, you who watch and stare and yell,
Your kind dared to ensnare us and everyday in pain we play,
Our glorious pride and colourful lustre plucked away,
Where once we flew freely with our brightly shining feathers
Now we hobble upon the grimy ground like tattered orphaned beggars.
Red, green, white and blue, these are the colours that so impress you,
Our rich and radiant plumage now rusts, please help us with your love and trust!
You stand and mimic and mock,
some of you search for stones and rocks,
Outside these bars of our homes you prance and poke,
What would it feel for you to bear this prison’s infernal yoke?
Outside our weeping cage,
There in God’s pure palace, written on freedom’s page,
We can see a beautiful house upon Paradise’s hilly slope,
How it glows, this home, this bright beacon of hope!
The windows are without bars or glass panes,
In that lovely house slavery is a shame,
The doorway has no lock nor door,
it is a home open to both rich and poor,
Souls breeze in and souls breeze out and move freely about,
They flutter in and flutter out,
They sing here, they sing there, they sing everywhere,
They have the freedom of life in the very air.
Is it true? Was it you? Did you do this in rage?
How could you build our cage?
Look to me and tell me true,
Hey you! Yes, you who kicks and makes us black and blue,
Please look here and not at yonder death’s crow,
Can you for real cage our life’s rainbow?

I Remember
I remember when you brutally hurt me,
I remember how you left me bruised and abused,
I remember how you made me cry floods of tears,
I remember how you cut my heart and let it bleed,
I remember how you neglected me and watched me weep,
I remember the anger and smirk on your face,
I remember your deathly looking eyes,
I remember how you were breaking my heart into pieces,
I remember how you attacked me with so much fury and aggression, (cont.)
Nour DV
My Words
It finally feels like I let go of my breath and I didn’t even realise I was holding.
Getting married is to have finally moved to the next stage of my life, ‘marriage being the beginning’, my blessing my guard, my shield my equal and my protection.
Now that months have gone by I see yet again in my state of ‘sabr’ I again am holding my breath to see, what you will do for me.
But the guilt isn’t mine and I’m not wearing it anymore, that’s your dirty cover use it and abuse it however you wish, your intelligence amazes me, shame about the stupidity that overpowers it.
You stood by and watched as little pieces of me were slowly chipped away.
You also stood by me and took the perfect picture.
You were with me when you stole my sacred gift. Then used it and made me loose every sense of reality.
My helplessness was unappealing to both you and me. I doubt that I will ever be able to make you truly feel what you did to me.
Now that I walk without you when I breathe I do it for me and work twice as hard to make it flow. . I have my reservations where it will take me and will I still remain me. I smile at the challenge because I was truth and you were not, you lied to me with every ounce of your body.
My strength and guidance comes from the fact that I stayed within my faith to be the dutiful wife to you, till this very day I wished only good things for you.
And this right of speech will not be lost from my mouth again. I will not be silenced or ashamed, the biggest blessing that you lost was the right to stand next to me to complete me and be my equal my other half.
My du’aas will be answered whether in this life or the next. In sha Allah.
With your mouth your sweet lies.
With your eyes the lost hope.
With your hands the fake embrace.
And with your intimate heart the sacred cut.
For all the above I pray your forgiven.

To read more beautiful writings from the competition follow the link below:
You can also follow Nour DV at the links below, make sure to show your support for this never ending cause.  
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