What Should I Say?

As an American Muslim you will be asked a lot of questions about your faith, lifestyle, and choices. I feel like the videos below express positive and easily understandable answers to some of the most popular questions we face as Muslims. Take a look and perhaps use these type of approaches yourself...

When I first saw this video, I got the chills. I felt as if she was having a conversation with me.  Take a look at this true-to-life conversation between two friends, "Why did you convert to Islam?".  She answers so calmly and uses words that her friend can relate to. Try this tactic when asked this question. 


Anyone ever asked you why all Muslims are terrorists?  Or why do Muslims hate Americans, and why did they cause 9-11?  These are tough questions, tough to hear, but not so tough to answer.  Check out this short clip from "True Face of Islam", and hear a universal answer for many of the questions that you might be faced with.  Remember, people only fear what they don't understand...


"What is the greatest threat facing Muslims today?"  This is an amazing clip and can give so many answers to this question.  Spreading the right message is exactly how Queens of Islam can change the reputation of Muslims in America and one day all over the world.