American Dawah

Here are some great videos of our fellow Queens of Islam, busy in action, spreading the peaceful message of Islam here in America...I can't wait to add more so lets get out there and get busy being the moral strength that Queen's of Islam were meant to be.

Description:    January 06, 2008 
This is the very first video interview I was able to take part in.  I am thankful everyday that Sr. Ruba Qewar asked me that day if I would like to tell my conversion story on her camera. I had no idea the lengths this video would reach, and Allah knew and it was His plan.  It's funny when I look at this video I always laugh, I was so new to Islam that I couldn't even say "Assalamu Alaikum" correctly! Fresh Meat!


This is a New documentary that was produced by GS Productions, called "They Chose Islam". It originally aired on Algeria TV, and Canal Algerie during Ramadan. They made 30 min shows for about 10 different American converts to Islam. It was a really beautiful and amazing set of stories, I hope I can get a hold of the others to share, but so far I only have my draft. I hope you enjoy a further look into life before and after Islam for me and those closest to me.  May Allah accept my best intentions.

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Description:  AlJazeeraEnglish  October 27, 2008 —
In the second part of his journey across the US, Rageh Omaar looks at how America's Muslims have coped with the aftermath of the events of 9/11, exploring the demands of patriotism and belief.


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