Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Disney Unveils Hijab!

Throughout this month, my goal is to promote Positive Public Relations pertaining to Muslims!  I am hoping to publish quite a few great articles shining some warm light on Muslims and their lives here in the US. As always I am and I am sure that you are very grateful for the beautiful life we live as an American Muslim and the strong independent voice you are inspired to share!  Here is a great story I read today, where a young hijabi intern exercises her American right to perform her job, while still maintain her status as a crowned Queen of Islam...
Disney Unveils Hijab-
Included Costume for a Muslim Intern
By Lindsay William-Ross in News on September 28, 2010 8:30 AM 1 Comment 0 Likes 1575 Views

Costume designed for a Muslim intern (AP Photo/Disney) 
Disney-Muslim-Worker.jpgDisney intern Noor Abdallah, 22, has a new specially-designed costumed that incorporates the head-covering she wears as a part of her Muslim faith, according to the AP.
Abdallah had been working as a vacation planner for the Disneyland resort, but took a job in the stockroom when her head scarf, or hijab, became an issue. "Vacation planners are costumed employees, whose outfits include an optional baseball-style cap," explains the LA Times.

A group intervened on behalf of the intern when they learned of her job re-assignment. Disney agreed to design a special costume for Abdallah, but said it would take five months--the same amount of time as her internship was expected to last.  Now Disney has restored Abdallah to her "front-stage job" and has provided her with a costume that includes a beret and a scarf. However, Abdallah "will not have the option to take off her hat while wearing the scarf-type covering," says Disneyland Resort spokeswoman Suzi Brown.

Abdallah is the second Muslim woman to make headlines in recent months for her struggles with Disneyland and her wish to wear her religious head-covering while on the job. Imane Boudlal, a hostess at a restaurant at a Downtown Disney venue, was removed from the work schedule after continuing to show up to work wearing her hijab, which is not permitted as part of her position's mandatory costume.
Boudlal wore her hijab to work despite being told it was not acceptable, and after refusing to accept a reassignment to a position with less public interaction. The Council on American-Islamic Relations say Boudlal's case with Disney remains ongoing.

Nicole Queen- On a side note, after further research into Boudlals case with Disney. She did not wear Hijab when she was hired. Then after working there for a while, decided to start wearing it, which is great...but was not discussed with her employers, she just showed up one day with it on.  I have worked as a non-Muslim, then a Muslim, then as a Muslim wearing Hijab...it is important to have as much respect for your employer as you demand they have for you. If your employed in a public position, like the service industry, it is a must that you have a respectful conversation with your employer about your decision and talk about what options you have for making it work.
  After they offered Boudlal a less public position so she could keep her Hijab, Boudlal refused. Then Disney had a designer create a cute look for her, that would still coordinate with her costume, and allow her to maintain her Hijab. 

She again refused, unlike Noor in the story above, and complained that the hat looked "silly".  I personally no longer see this as a case of Disney not honoring her right to wear hijab, but now as a case of a girl who is hoping to win a law suit.  

Thank you Disney for trying to accommodate our girls...and the 200 other faiths that Disney has made exceptions and costume alterations to accomodate.


  1. Minnie Mouse in a burqa is next

  2. Sister Nicole, I totally agree with your comments on Boudlal as someone now keen on winning a lawsuit.
    What happened to us being ambassadors of our faith, through tolerance and mutual respect? She can't continue demanding things, without making any effort to respect her employer...

  3. God and the largest is no god but Allah and Muhammad, our Master and Lord all the creatures of Allah and peace and blessings


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