Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It Only Takes One…How to Improve PR for Muslims in America.

If your in the Dallas area this Friday, please join me at EPIC Mosque, in East Plano, for my Halaqa on Public Relations and Islam in America. 
Currently Islam has one of the lowest levels of PR in America, explainable because of the increasing amount of violent and negative press released on Muslims.  It only takes one vile person, claiming to be a Muslim, to increase that negativity here in America, but it takes the efforts of entire communities to regain our actual representation of peace.  We complain that Muslims are being targeted in the media, yet we hide in our homes and communities, barely cracking a smile in the public eye.  Learning small steps that each of us can take, just in our daily routines, to create a larger more grand impact on the reputation of Islam, and Muslims in the US, is the granted duty of all of us.  Tired of seeing horror stories on TV about a religion that you know of being peaceful? Well so am I. 
Lets Do Something About It! 

PR flyer

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