Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did You Get the Message?

So I was watching this comedian online today, Chris Tucker. He was hilarious. He had like a whole section for religion, just raggin on different cultural silliness, which we all know is true and laugh about amongst ourselves. One subject he touched on, that really was like sad...hilarious...because sadly was true...was the fact that all of us were given some pretty important information a long long time ago, and some of us follow it...some don't...and some just don't get it or maybe they just choose not to understand.

So this is my topic.

"Why the _ _ _ _ are we all fighting over who was the "True" messenger of God...The Christians say it was Jesus...The Muslims say it was Muhammad...Who the _ _ _ _ cares who the messenger is...they got the same _ _ _ _ messages..."DID YOU GET THE MESSAGE?" -Chris Tucker, Comedian, Actor

When I heard this dude saying this...well the Muslim in me is like..."Hey don't use Jesus and Muhammad combined with curse words, in the same sentence"...Then, I focused on what this dude is saying. I totally agree with this. Why is everyone so focused on who is right, focused on who gets to say their religion is the one that will save you from hellfire.  Well here is some news for ya!  There is nothing here on this earth that will save you from anything except your faith and soul being devoted to God. I would say about 90% of us do not exactly live our lives devoted to God. We are devoted to NUMERO UNO. For those out there who don't get that...I mean, most ppl out there are devoted to the church of "themselves". I hate to break it to you, and you probably won't hear this from me first...but no one out there is off the hook.

What I mean by this is...

Take like 5 seconds to ask yourself this question.  Think about it...cause if you did, Christian, Jew, one is off the hook. Now do you get it? NO one is right or wrong, we were all given the same message, what we choose to do with it is up to us from that point. It's like if you live in an apartment...and it's on fire...yeah that sucks right? So this dude knocks on your door and yells, "Get out man! There's a fire, your gonna get all burned up and stuff"...OK...well you got the message right? It's pretty universal I think...What are you going to do with this information?  Your going to RUN, because you believe it!

"Well let me ask you this?"
Say your sitting there, and you get the same knock on the door, a dude tells you "Hey sister! Get outta that apartment, there's a great religious group sharing the word of God downstairs!  OK, so the girl sits there for a while, she knows what the message was and how it will affect her life...but it's "JUST NOT THE RIGHT TIME IN HER LIFE"...I have heard that "LOAD" before.

OK, so right now she is in her prime right? Say, there is a party in her room, she is looking hot, wearing a shirt for a dress, life is perfect.  If she has to get outta that room, it's just gonna put a damper on her life right now, ...hey, she's young, she can start thinking about what that dude banging on the door said later...What she doesn't know is someone left the gas on the stove on after they finished with it, it ignites a nearby burning joint, the flames creep along so quickly, they are all too drunk to notice, ...they all see the smoke coming in, under the edge of the bedroom door. She runs up and grabs the knob, to open it, and it burns an impression into her hands...It's too late...She and her pretty friends, all having fun...were identified the next day by their beautiful pearly white teeth.

(If someone tells you that living your life in sin, and ignoring God's message can lead to hell, it's not really important right?  You don't really believe them, but in the back of your mind you kind of wonder, "Is that true?"  But if someone tells you, "There is a fire, you are going to burn if you don't leave the life of sin your participating in right now and get out of this building", are you going to stick around and just ponder in the back of your mind "Is that true?, Well I guess I will just wait till I get burned to find out" I bet the answer is that you hear the message and take it seriously...)

As the young girl walks up, to meet with her maker, she can't believe it's the end of her life. She never dreamed of what this would be like. Her eyes fill with tears...its' so beautiful.  She has nothing to compare this moment too...all she can do is kneel down in awe...She never really thought a lot about God, been years since she went to church, she never thought she would see the end so soon. She hears a melodic voice inside her's so peaceful and beautiful...the voice asks her one question...her stomach knots as she hears this dreadful inquiry...


I don't care what religion you follow, honestly I don't. My request is for the world to be "One Ummah (Faith)"...I just want people to think about what God has sent to us ALL...over and over and over again. However you choose to follow it...THE TEN COMMANDMENTS...THE HADITH OF THE PROPHET, SAS...THE TEACHINGS OF THE TORAH... God wants us all to live for Him,...To live our lives in moderation and modesty, To respect ourselves ...and to pass on THE MESSAGE...pass it to anyone...that dude who honked at you on the freeway this morning,...the quirky teenager behind the fast food counter...the scantily clad woman staring at your hijab...pass it on to everyone, no matter what their beliefs. This is what God wants...

Live for Him now!...not later, not when its most convenient...Which is usually when it's too late... 

Ask yourself right now..."DID I GET THE MESSAGE?"


  1. That was truly interesting :)

  2. Thank you Nicole, I enjoyed reading your article. May I summarize as follows:

    Before Islam, God sent many messages which where limited for certain people and valid for a period of time. All these messages were right at that time. However, God sent his final message, Islam, for everyone and forever. We are all responsible to pass the message of Islam to everyone.

  3. ASA Nicole,

    As a revert I see it this way as well. However, after taking basic aqeedah it's clear that this in NOT what Islam teaches. Prophet Mohammed, pbh is the seal of the Prophets and other faiths have not yet gotten it because they do not believe in tawheed. So Islam does make a judgement about who can enter jannah and who can not. Shirk is the only thing Allah will not forgive and to worship other than Allah or to associate partners with Allah is shirk. I am not one to judge but Islam does make this clear.

  4. I think this post is dead on and right on. Jesus (pbuh) also said that no man comes to the Father (God, Allah) (swt) except by Him and that the only way to Paradise (Heaven, Jannah) is through Him. It's a relevant message for the time and for today as the Word of God never changes. So Mohammed (pbuh) also had a message for the times and is for today why can't we look to the thing we know to be true in all three Monotheistic religions and that is that God is GOD and that His message is bigger than mankind and religion itself. Man makes all these limitations on God that separates us! If we are truly worshiping the same God then why can't we all get along??? Because man himself (or herself) won't let us! No one religion is ALL the way right but GOD IS ALWAYS RIGHT and in the end EVERYONE will see the truth.


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