Sunday, June 6, 2010

Filming with Algeria TV

"They Chose Islam"
Aires during Ramadan-Algeria TV

I'm so glad that my amazing husband Hassan helps me with the messages I get, he is a blessing for sure. Without his help, I would have never seen the message from a wonderful producer at Algeria TV, requesting that I join their documentary film "They Chose Islam".

A lot of countries in the Middle East, meaning Muslim countries, are so shocked and amazed that Muslims are happy living in America and even more surprising that US natives are choosing to join the ranks of Muslims in this free country.  Some might think," Being a Muslim is a tough life, of discipline and sacrifice, why would you want to leave your easy life for this?"  Well it's such a pleasure to be part of a project aiming to teach the "born Muslims" of the world why Islam is such a great fit for Americans.  Americans who convert to Islam do so with such a profound passion and determination that the people who were teaching them about Islam, end up being left in the dust of their deen

When someone living in the US learns about Islam, usually one of two things happens. One being complete rejection of the faith, not understanding the reasoning behind all the sacrifice they will have to make from their lawless lifestyle.  The other is the most beautiful, complete and boundless devotion to Islam's message and the lifestyle prescribed by God.  It's like waking up from a bad dream.  When you are tired of living like life is some game and we are all little toys to be played with by each other...then living for God is the rehab that a lot of Americans are checking into. 

When people in the Middle East think of America, they picture something of what they see the movies....Great right?  So all the women are plastic and "loose" and all the men are unnaturally handsome and have intelligence beyond capability.  Money is growing on trees, we all have plenty of time for adventures and leave our kids with our South American nannies.  Then when they actually get here they see that well, all except for the super intellect of our men, it's close to being true.  So when they think of the lifestyle of a Muslim, devoted to God 24\7, ignoring human carnal desires and making every decision each day in the name of God...Well they think there is no way people here are going to choose this lifestyle over the "movie" option.  They are wrong. Those of us who are sick of the overexposed, over spoiled mentality of most people, are searching for more of a purpose in life and what better purpose to live for than God?

It was a blessing to be part of this documentary, all though it was really hard work, because of the message of strength it sends to the world.  I love being American, the strength I grew up with, and that makes me an even more determined Muslim. I am thankful for what I have, and thankful that becoming Muslim helped me appreciate life in a different way, and to realize what most Americans seem to be blind to...the greatest pleasure in life is not my own.


  1. Mashallah

    How wonderful :-)

    you never know what wonderful people Allah(swt) will bring in your life. Alhumduliallah this documentary was for a reason and has a great purpose for you and others..

    Jazak'Allah Khair

  2. Assalam Alaikum
    I m a woman from algeria and i watched this documentary just once in ramadhan (because of taraweeh) generally i used to pray at that time but that evening i was preparing cakes for EID and I saw "Nicole Queen" I m not astonished that people in USA or Europe choose Islam, Islam is the religion of fetrah and every one who can take the time to learn it will certainly convert it's sure there r some exceptions but....
    Alhamdoulillah for islam, and i think that if Allah has chosen u to be muslim that means that u diserve it, as muslims we have the duty to spread islam every where in this UNIVERSE and the most important is with our behaviour and life style, but unfortunately it's not what we see on the arab channels..
    I wish u too much luck in ur life i pray allah for u, my family, me and all muslim al djannah
    Rabbi ighfir li we liwalidaya wa lilmu'minin yawma yaqumo 'lhissab
    HOURIA from Algeria

  3. mashallah .. i've seen this programme and your episode .. this make us so proud to be muslim .. god bless you .


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